“Just Friending” Your Job

It is funny how you wake up one day and simply are not happy with a choice you made.  For me, it was a job.   But it could be a lover or a friend or another situation.  So I woke up and I looked at my job.  It is a fine enough job.  The company is not bad, the pay is ok, the job is fine.  But I just wanted a little more.  Something different.

It is like being in a relationship.  I looked at that job and I realized that I did not want to marry that job.  I did not want a long-term relationship with that job.  It was fun for now, but not forever. I imagined the kind of job that I wanted.  It had a lot of great qualities and did not look much like my current situation.

So I did what many people do on any given day.  I looked a little.  I traded phone numbers with another job and maybe went on a quick date.  Well, when that job wanted to get serious quick, and I was faced with an immediate choice.

One day, I told my boss, “It is not you.  It is me.”  It was awkward.  Many of these conversations can be.  Can’t we just be friends?  Well of course, before I did this I snuck out with my most valuable work belongings on a Saturday when no one was around.  Yes, I did a walk of shame with my stapler in a cardboard box to my car.

Now I have made that really scary move.  I broke up with the old job and I am filled with hope that this new job will be “the one.”  I hope this job and I ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after.  I want to want to marry this job.  I am filled with fear, because one does not know what they don’t know about the new job.  But there is hope.

2 thoughts on ““Just Friending” Your Job

  1. This is where it’s nice to have a detachment super power. Or just rip the ban-aid off. When we voluntarily leave our jobs or a relationship for that matter. Why do we feel that we have to shoulder the blame if there is blame had, or make concessions. Why can we say “I don’t want to work here anymore.” … “I don’t want to be in this relationship anymore.” Why are we such evil people for feeling this way? We make up the lie and then believe it. So 36, I’m not saying that your a liar for feeling this way, I’m asking why feel bad or guilty?

    • Hey, thanks for your comment! I not really sure it is bad or guilty, just more awkward. It would be different if it were a really crummy job or the boss hated me or something, I just did not want that job anymore. It was a “No Fault” quitting!

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