The Uneventful Culmination of a Misspent Working Life

So now that my job is just someone that I used to know, I have had some time to reflect.  I wonder how did it ever get to be this way?  When did it get “bad”?  It was “ok” not too long ago.  The tension.  The awkward silences.  Is this really all there is?  I am quite aware that I made all these choices. But is this just the uneventful culmination of a misspent working life?

Maybe is it my generation.  Maybe it is the economy?  Most likely, it is just me.  I have had some jobs that many would consider “good”.  Yes.  They were good jobs.  I quit them anyway.  For some reason, I expect something more.  Something extraordinary.  Can I find it?  Is the whole package really out there?

I am still in that no man’s land.  That time after you have given notice but before you actually leave.  The time when you want to celebrate all the little annoying things that you will no longer have to deal with, although you know full well that you don’t know the new annoying things from the new gig.  You try not to upset your co-workers but you do want to be happy about the choice.

Tomorrow is my last day.  Tomorrow is the day I have to give the ring back.  But the ring is simply my beat up badge and door key card.  And then I can leave for good.  Leaving with hope that the next one will be better.

One thought on “The Uneventful Culmination of a Misspent Working Life

  1. Is it really a “no man’s land”. You know what your are leaving behind, and you have an idea what you are moving on to. Misspent? Couldn’t have gotten to where you are without being where you were. It’s all continuous. But I think I know the feeling. You’re last day was awhile ago and I hope for you that there were no regrets with what you left behind. … To be clear, leaving something behind doesn’t mean that that something is bad … 😉

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